Interstellar Human Space Peace Treaty Collation

More commonly called the Human Collation.

Is one of the most powerful organization in the Core and Expanse Worlds regions. Functioning as a governmental overseer and Military force within human space.

Relying solely on trade and taxes to keep the credits flowing into its coffers and its massive fleets and armies paid, fed, and armed.

As a result most humans live in poor conditions and even have worse wages. Some Join the military and mercenary Corporations, while others join pirate crews or outlaw bands out of desperation.

The Rich and Political leaders are leaches under the Human Collation. Feeding like decrepit vampires off the poor for every credit that they can get. Even though there is little to no taxes on them.

Members of the Human Collation

American – African Conglomerate
Euro – Asian Alliance
Central – South American Union


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