Character Creation

Character Generation Rules

In Slip Space 2050 characters do not just come into being like other role playing games. Instead character creation starts at birth. This means that characters can die before seeing the actual adventure / campaign.

Human Based Races

Human – Humans come from all walks of life. From the Poor living conditions in the industrial wasteland worlds of the American-African Conglomerate, the Corporate cities and stations of New Liberty, to the slip space pocket colonies of the outlaws and pirates.

Mutant – Mutated beyond normal recognition to be called a human mutants or muties as the racist slang goes. Mutants are strong in typically one or two areas much like there human counterparts. However they may or may not have a major draw back associated with them.

Synthetic – Synthetics are not what many would call normal. Born in a laboratory of machine and metal. They are often foot soldiers or police for the ever expanding Synthetic armies of IHSPTC as well as various other smaller nations. Most people look at Synthetics in fear others with a strange curiosity.

Xeno Based Races
These are neither human nor of human creation. But of their own unique origin.

Xelph – The most humanoid of all the races the Xelph are extremely durable but not to bright in terms of Intelligence. While the Xelph managed to get to space in one piece it due to their will to survive and physical toughness that brought them on to the galactic stage.

Prothus – Known for their High Intelligence and high quality equipment however Prothus are small but fragile creatures known for their ability to manufacture high quality equipment and their knowledge of the universe. However Prothus are isolationists by nature and pacifists by choice.

Character Creation

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