Defensive Abilities (Space)
Armor Mitigation – You are able to mitigate needed armor to your ships hull at the times that it needs it most. +3 Armor when used.

Evasive Maneuvers – Using a combination of thrusters and the main engines you are able to manuver into very tight spaces and out again. +2 Ship AGI per level taken.

Hard Burn – Your ship moves 3 times as fast. But you risk burning out your reactor. Roll a 1d6 and call the number before hand. If the number you call is rolled. The reactor is out of action for one full turn or until repaired (GM’s Choice), Otherwise you can continue as normal.

Offensive Abilities (Space)

Close Quarters Burns – Your ship can do a series of shorter ‘Hard Burns’ in order to flank a equal or superior enemy. You may do a max of 4 hard burns per level of ‘Close Quarters Burns’ taken. You do not need to roll reactor damage.


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